It gives us great pleasure to announce that today, Sunday 14th August 2016, we have completed the restoration of the memorial erected to Music Hall and Pantomime star Fannie Leslie (1856-1935), who rests with her husband in St Pancras and Islington Cemetery.


The restoration of Fannie Leslie's grave has been challenging, due to to location of the memorial which lies deep in the undergrowth, surrounded by fallen tree,  blackberries and creeping vines. Before the restoration could even begin we needed to clear much of this away and provide access to the memorial. Considering the condition of the memorial when we found it, we are very satisfied with the result and means we can continue to maintain and protect the memorial for the future.  We are grateful to our volunteers and to The Heritage Lottery Fund. 

The grave of Fannie Leslie now restored.

Fannie Leslie had a long and successfiul career in Variety and as a principal boy on the Pantomime stage. Fannie Leslie died in 1935 aged 78. 









We are very pleased to announce that today, Friday 12th August 2016, we restored the memorial to the actor, comedian, songwriter and dramatist
Harry Nicholls (1852-1926) at Old Chiswick Cemetery.  

The final resting place of Harry Nicholls.

Harry Nicholls had a long and successful career and was perhaps best known for his association with the annual pantomimes at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane with is fellow performer, the comedian Herbert Campbell,  under the management of Sir Augustus Harris.

Harry Nicholls died on 29th November 1926 at the age of 74 and rests with his mother and wife Lucy, sister of dramatist Henry Petitt, in the pleasant and tranquil surroundings of Old Chiswick Cemetery, which is situated adjacent to the parish church,  alongside the River Thames.








Do you have a few spare hours to share on a Saturday or Sunday to help us cut back brambles and branches at St Pancras and Islington Cemetery at 278 High Road, East Finchley London N2 9AG, to help provide access to a long forgotten Music Hall and Theatre star?  


If so, please email us, using the CONTACT page.  THANK YOU! 









The final resting place of actress and comedienne Maie Ash (1889-1923) and her husband, the actor comedian  Fred Allandale (1872-1921) has been restored at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.   It has been a long process of restoration due to the threat of a nearby dead tree that due to its proximity posed a risk to the memorial.  The tree was subsequently lowered to the ground several months ago so that the restoration could commence.  



Maie Ash (Eleanor Mabel Eugene Ash) was born in Clapton in 1889 and started her career during the early part of the twentieth century and was a leading lady by the age of fifteen.  She was known as a deligtful little actress who possessed a fine voice and remarkable gift for dancing.  She performed in Variety and Musical Comedies alongside her second husband, the comedian Fred Allandale.  Her first husband was the actor Stanley Brett, the brother of actor Seymour Hicks.  Maie Ash died in 1923 in Brighton after a short illness at the tender age of 36.  


Fred Allandale (Frederick Arnold) was born in London in 1872 with theatrical blood in his veins. He was the grandson of the Irish Comedian James Hudson, however he started his working life as an accountant before appearing on the stage in 1898 in the musical comedy The Geisha.  By 1905 he had entered the world of Variety and was booked to appear on the Stoll circuit.  In the same year he made his first London appearance in The Blue Moon.  By 1910 he was working with Maie Ash and they toured with the sketch The Soldier and the Girl.  Fred was also a producer and was especially known for his Pierrot Company at Blackpool.   Fred Allandale died in Birmingham in 1921 aged 49. 


The grave of Maie Ash and Fred Allandale before the restoration. 










We are pleased to announce that we  haverestored the final resting place of the great Music Hall comedian FRED KITCHEN (1872-1951) and his father, Drury Lane Ballet Master and Pantomimist R. H. KITCHEN (1830-1910) who rest at West Norwood Cemetery.   Fred Kitchen was a popular sketch artist and alongside Stan Laurel and Charles Chaplin he was a member of Fred Karno's company.  He appeared in the sketches Moses and Son, Mumming Birds and The Baliffs, which introduced Fred's most famous catchprhase "Meredith, we're in". Fred's father Richard Henry Kitchen was a Ballet Master and Dancer who often appeared as Clown in the Harlequinade at the  Theatre Royal Drury Lane. 



Fred Kitchen's memorial, restored, at West Norwood Cemetery, with the support of The Heritage Lottery Fund.








On 20th March 2016 we re-cleaned the grave of Music Hall and Pantomime star DAN CRAWLEY and his actress wife Lillian Bishop, who rests at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.  We initially restored Dan's memorial back in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his passing, but the effects of the surrounding trees since that time had caused the memorial to discolour.  Lest We Forget.


The memorial of Dan Crawley and Lilian Bishop at Abney Park Cemetery, restored with support from The Heritage Lottery Fund.










On Tuesday 16th February 2016, we commemorated the celebrated Comedian, Dancer, Singer and Musical Comedy star STANLEY LUPINO (1893-1942) and his famous Hollywood Actress and pioneering Film Director daughter IDA LUPINO (1918-1995) with commemorative blue plaques at the house where Ida Lupino was born at 33 Ardbeg Road, Herne Hill, London.


This project was made by possible with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund.


Our commemorative blue plaques to Stanley and Ida Lupino

The house where Hollywood star Ida Lupino was born in Herne Hill, London.






Comedian HERBERT CAMPBELL is Commemorated


On 25th November 2015 we honoured the great music hall comedian and Theatre Royal Drury Lane pantomime star HERBERT CAMPBELL (1844-1904) with a commemorative blue plaque at his former home 44 Lawford Road in Hackney.


Our commemorative blue plaque to the great Herbert Campbell



The famous music hall and pantomime star Herbert Campbell


This project was made by possible with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund.






Music Hall star AUSTIN RUDD is commemorated


On Saturday 5th September 2015 we celebrated the life of Music Hall comedian AUSTIN RUDD with the unveiling of a commemorative blue plaque at one of his last homes, 254 Edgware Road, London.    The plaque was unveiled by Austin Rudd's granddaughter Angela, who had travelled with her family from all over Europe to share in the celebrations.

 This project was made by possible with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund.   


Above:  Austin Rudd's commemorative blue plaque at 254 Edgware Road, London.  


ABOVE:   Angela Gotzke, granddaughter of Austin Rudd and members of her family


ABOVE:  Our Chairman Matthew Neil delivers his celebratory speech for Austin Rudd. 








We are pleased to announce that the dead tree that we had identified as a threat to the memorial in Abney park Cemetery to the musical comedy stars, MAIE ASH and  FRED ALLANDALE, has now been safely lowered to the ground, by the cemetery authority, to decay gently into the earth.

With the memorial now free from any immediate arboricultural risk we can begin the process of having the memorial restored in the near future.








On May 30th 2015 we restored the final resting place of the great music hall star LEW LAKE (1874-1939) who rests with his family at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.   The grey granite headstone and kerb set had fallen into disrepair as a result of falling trees.    



Lew Lake together with actor Bob Mills performed a popular music hall sketch called "Bloomsbury Burglars" which included an exciting chase and rooftop fight.  Lew became a successful writer and producer and towards the end of his life he took on the role of manager at Collins Music Hall in Islington.  Lew's motto was "No Fun Like Work."  


Lew Lake died on 5th November 1939 in his flat above Collins Music Hall.


His son Lew Lake Junior (1901-1958), who also rests with his father, carried on the family tradition until his passing on 26th May 1958.


The grave of Lew Lake before the restoration.

This project was made by possible with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund.








On Saturday 16th May 2015 we took part in the 175th anniverary celebrations at Abney Park Cemetery and provided a free Guided Walk celebrating the lives of some of the famous music hall stars who rest there.   


Pictured above is our Chairman and guide Matthew Neil and Guests.








We were very proud to be a part of a gathering of family relatives belonging to the prolific music hall songwriter and composer G W Hunt who rests at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.    Family members had gathered from near and far and welcomed the opportunity to remember their famous ancestor and pay tribute to him. 









On Saturday 18th October 2014, we restored the final resting place of the great Gus Elen.  The impressive grey granite kerb set in art deco style was dismantled and re-pinned after being bashed a few times by cars.   The memorial was professionally cleaned and new chippings were added.    Gus's memorial is positioned to the right side of the path behind the cemetery office and many fans of Gus pay tribute to him throughout the course of the year. 


The restored memorial of comedian Gus Elen.

This project was made by possible with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund and Mr Clive Sears.



The final resting place of the famous British Victorian actress

NELLIE FARREN (1848-1904)


and that of her son, the Edwardian musical comedy star

FARREN SOUTAR (1870-1962)


at Brompton Cemetery has been restored.


We are pleased to announce that on October 2nd 2014, we restored the final resting place of the highly successful Victorian stage actress NELLIE FARREN as well as that of her son, the musical comedy star FARREN SOUTAR at Brompton Cemetery.


This project supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.






On Saturday 6th September 2014 we commemorated the legendary actress KAY KENDALL (1927 - 1959) star of the British classic movie Genevieve with the unveiling of a commemorative blue plaque at her birthplace at 61 Hull Road, Withernsea, East Yorkshire.


Please see the BBC LOOK NORTH link, below.


KIM CAMPBELL, sister of Kay Kendall, after the unveiling of our commemorative blue plaque.


L-R  Music Hall Guild Director ADRIAN BARRY, LAVINIA BAKER (Niece of Kay Kendall), KIM CAMPBELL (Sister of Kay Kendall) and FIONA KENDALL-LANE (Cousin of Kay Kendall) , Guild Chairman MATTHEW NEIL and KATH JONES (Cousin of Kay Kendall) outside the house where Kay was born in  Withernsea, East Yorkshire.

Crowds gather to pay homage to the legendary actress Kay Kendall.








JOE O'GORMAN  (1863 - 1937)





We are pleased to annouce that we have just restored the final resting place of the great Music Hall star Joe O'Gorman, who rests at Putney Vale Cemetery.  



Joe was a popular comedian, vocalist and dancer  who teamed up with Horace Wheatly and Joe Tennyson (Tennyson and O'Gorman) to form a successful music hall double act.  Joe was one of the very first members of The Grand Order of Water Rats, a co-founder of The Variety Artistes Federation, who helped to improve conditions for music hall performers and with the help of music hall star Joe Elvin, he established Brinsworth House, the home for retired artistes in Twickenham, which still operates today.   Joe O'Gorman was the father of Joe and Dave O'Gorman (The O'Gorman Brothers).

This project was supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.






The final resting place of the Musical Comedy star

EDMUND PAYNE   (1863 - 1914 )

has been restored.




To mark the 100th anniversary of the musical comedy star EDMUND PAYNE, we have restored his final resting place at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.  

This project was made by possible with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund.








On Sunday 15th June 2014 we paid tribute to that great film and theatre star LUPINO LANE (1892 - 1959) with the intallation of a commemorative blue plaque at his former home at 32 Maida Vale in London.  


Our plaque was unveiled by Lupino Lane's granddaughter Sara Lupino Lane in the presence of friends, artists and well wishers who had travelled far and wide to pay homage to this multi-talented theatrical star. 

This project was supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

Our commemorative blue plaque to the great Lupino Lane.


Music Hall Guild Founder and Director Adrian Barry with Lupino Lane's granddaughter Sara.


Lupino Lane's granddaughter Sara Lupino Lane and Great Granddaughter Grace.

Actor and star Me and My Girl actor DAVID STREAMES pays homage to legendary Lupino Lane.







We are pleased to announce that a new interpretation panel has been installed in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington to highlight some of the great music hall artistes resting there.    The panel has been erected by the Abney Park Trust and features short biographies, grave locations and images of George Leybourne, Albert Chevalier, Fred Albert, Herbert Campbell, G.W. Hunt and Nelly Power. 


Our Chairman beside the newly installed Music Hall interpretation panel at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.




ALICE LLOYD has been commemorated with a blue plaque at her last home 239 Banstead Road in Surrey.  The plaque was unveiled on  Sunday 20th October 2013 by Alice's granddaughter Luanne Beaton to mark Alice's 140th anniversary.  



L-R  Ian Munro, Grandson of Daisy Wood with cousin Luanne Beaton, the granddaughter of Alice Lloyd.









We are so proud to announce that on Monday 7th October 2013, which marks the 91st anniversary of her passing, we erected a commemorative blue plaque to the legendary Music Hall star Marie Lloyd (1870 - 1922) at her last residence;

37 Woodstock Road, Golders Green.  

Marie's plaque was unveiled by her great nephew and niece: Ian Munro (Grandson of Daisy Wood) and Luanne Beaton (Granddaughter of Alice Lloyd), followed by an act of remembrance at Marie graveside in Hampstead Cemetery. 





Top: Ian and Luanne outside Marie Lloyd's last home  in Woodstock Road, Golders Green.

Bottom.  At the graveside of their great aunt, who rests with her family in Hampstead Cemetery









On Saturday 28th September 2013, we restored the final resting place of Music Hall star ALICE LLOYD (1873-1949) at All Saints Churchyard, Banstead in Surrey.  



Alice Lloyd was a popular Music Hall and Vaideville Singer, Dancer and Comedienne, who became a huge star in America and who was the sister of the legendary Marie Lloyd.  Alice made her debut with her sister Grace at Forester's Music Hall in 1888 and a year later she was appearing in pantomime at the Grand, Islington.


In 1894 Alice married the popular music hall star Tom McNaughton, who was one half of the cross talking pattering act The McNaughton Brothers. 


In 1907 Alice took America by storm, literally overnight and went on to establish herself as a successful Vaudeville star.   When Alice eventually returned to the United Kingdom, she lived the latter years of her life in Banstead, Surrey and passed away on 17th November 1949. 




On Sunday 22nd September 2013 our sister organization THE THEATRE AND FILM GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA restored the final resting place of the multi-talented actress KAY KENDALL (1927-1959) and her brother, the actor CAVAN KENDALL (1942-1999)  at St John's Churchyard in Hampstead.   Kay and Cavan came from a theatrical family, their grandmother was the famous music hall star MARIE KENDALL and we are thrilled to have Kay's surviving sister KIM KENDALL and cousin FIONA KENDALL-LANE as Honorary Patrons of our theatre charity.  



Next year, in 2014, we will be unveiling a commemorative blue plaque to Kay Kendall at her birthplace in Withernsea, Yorkshire. 















We are pleased to anounce that we have restored the final resting place of the great  Music Hall Vocalist and Composer FRED ALBERT (1843  - 1886) who rests in the heart of Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.


The restored family grave of FRED ALBERT ( George Richard Howell)




We are thrilled to announce that  BARBARA WINDSOR MBE

has recently become an Honorary Patron of our theatre charity.



The day my Grandad took me to the Hackney Empire at the age of 6, to see music hall for the first time I became transfixed from that day on. My Grandad had told me many stories about it and especially his favourite performer the great Marie Lloyd. I loved the costumes, the music and the way the performers engaged with the audience and in fact it felt like you were on stage with them. Alas it was at a time when music hall was beginning to fade away, but I was lucky enough to still see some of the great performers.

Little did I know then that I was destined to not only have a career in show-business, but I was thrilled and honoured to play the great Marie Lloyd myself on stage in a musical about her life (Sing A Rude Song).  And through the years I have played Marie in many theatres around the countryside whilst doing touring Music Hall shows.

I am thrilled that The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America are keeping the memories of this wonderful genre and its performers alive. I am very honoured to be a part of this incredible organisation.





Memorial restored to music hall vocalist




We are pleased to announce the restoration of music hall vocalist WALTER LABURNUM, who rests with his family in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.    A rededication event is being planned.







On Sunday 21st October 2012 we gathered together at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington for a special rededication ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the popular music hall comedian and pantomime star DAN CRAWLEY.   


REUNITED:  L - R.  Dan Crawley' s great grandsons Simon Gray, Stewart Grey and Fenton Gray beside his recently restored memorial at Abney Park Cemetery.


Stewart Gray at the grave of his great grandfather Dan Crawley at Abney Park Cemetery. 




On Sunday 30th September 2012 we commemorated the legendary comedy producer FRED KARNO with a blue plaque at his former Fun Factory at The Clockwork Studios, Southwell Road, Camberwell.  


ABOVE:   Our commemorative blue plaque to the great FRED KARNO.


The great granddaughters of Fred Karno unveil his commemorative blue plaque.


SO PROUD:   JO SEXTON and LOUISE MURCHISON, Great Granddaughters of the great FRED KARNO after the unveiling of our plaque on Sunday 30th September.


REUNITED:  Proud descendants of the late great Fred Karno.


GOOD COMPANIONS:  Gathered together to celebrate our commemorative blue plaque unveiling to Fred Karno were some famous grandchildren:  (L - R) VICKY LAURIE (Granddaughter of Victoria Monks), our patron FIONA KENDALL-LANE (Granddaughter of Marie Kendall and cousin of Kay Kendall), SIMON KITCHEN-DUNN (Grandson of Fred Kitchen) and IAN MUNRO (Grandson of Daisy Wood and the great nephew of Marie Lloyd).












We are pleased to announce that the grey granite oblisk erected to the famous music hall composer G.W. HUNT (1838 - 1904) has been restored at Abney Park Cemetery.



George William Hunt was a successful composer of music hall songs, his most famous being MacDermott's War Song (The Jingo Song), Dear Old Pals and Up In A Balloon for George Leybourne and Nelly Power









It gives us great pleasure to announce that the music hall comedian, vocalist, dancer and pantomime dame DAN CRAWLEY (1871 – 1912) has had his memorial at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington restored in time for the centenary of his death in October this year.


Also resting with Dan, is his talented wife, the actress and male impersonator LILLIAN BISHOP.


With nearly 100 years of grime removed by the skilful hands of our official stonemason Clive Sears, Dan’s Italian white marble memorial and surround has been brought back to its former glory.   The beautifully carved winged angel holding a wreath of victory is a high quality example of stonemasonry at that time.


Photographs of Dan Crawley's memorial before (L) and after (R).



The late great music hall star DAN CRAWLEY (1871 - 1912)




We are very pleased to announce our restoration of the final resting place of the famous music hall and pantomime star Miss NELLY POWER (1854 - 1887) on Friday 11th May 2012 at  Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.




Nelly Power was born Ellen Maria Lingham on 10th April 1854.  


She started her theatrical career at the tender age of eight and went on to become a vivacious and gifted songstress as well as an early exponent of the art of male impersonation. The great Vesta Tilley was once her understudy.  


Nelly appeared in all the leading music hall's around the United Kingdom and starred in several Pantomimes.


Nelly's most famous song was 'The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery' aka 'The Boy In The Gallery' as well as 'Tiddy Fol Lol', Lah Di Dah and the ladies version of George Leybourne's hit 'Up In A Balloon.'  


Nelly died from pleurisy on 19th January 1887 aged just 32 and rests in Abney Park Cemetery, close to the graves of George Leybourne and Edmund Payne. 







On Saturday 10th March 2012 we marked the 140th anniversary of the famous musical comedy actress and picture postcard beauty MARIE STUDHOLME with the unveiling of a commemorative blue plaque at her last home in Finchley Road, Hampstead. 



On Saturday 14th April 2012, we completed the restoration of Marie Studholme's final resting place at St Marylebone Cemetery, London. 


Images befoe and after of he grave of Marie Studholme at St Marylebone Cemetery.


Images of Marie Studholme at home and at play.



Marie Studholme's plaque was unveiled by our patron, the multi-talented actress, comedienne, singer and graphic novelist JESSICA MARTIN.


This event was made possible by our dear friend Miss Jennifer Shirley Frost, who very sadly passed away before the plaque was unveiled.

Our Founder and Director Adrian Barry with actress Lorraine Chase and the Guild's Chairman Matthew Neil.






On Saturday 5th March 2011 we completed the restoration of the memorial erected to the popular Music Hall star AUSTIN RUDD, who rests with his family at St Lawrence's churchyard, Morden.    


Austin Rudd was one of Britain’s finest comic singers. 


He was born Arthur Rudd on 4th December 1868 in London.  


His first professional appearance at the age of 22 was at Deacon’s Music Hall, Clerkenwell.   From then onwards he worked consistently over the next forty years, sometimes performing up to seven shows a night and appeared in every leading Music Hall in the United Kingdom as well touring America, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.     Austin topped the bill with some of the brightest stars in music hall history tha include Dan Leno, Marie Lloyd and Bessie Bellwood.   


He wrote and composed many of his own songs, a speciality being a burlesque clerical number.  His best-known songs include “Sailors Don’t Care,” “Here We Suffer Grief And Pain,” “Gallery And Boxes’ and “She Was In My Class” which he sang to captive audiences many times at the Victoria Palace in London.


Austin Rudd passed away on 24th March 1929 at the age of 60.






The final resting place of the famous


Drury Lane Theatre comedian




is restored.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently restored the final resting place of the great Music Hall Comedian and Pantomime star  HERBERT CAMPBELL (1844 – 1904) at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington.


The impressive pink granite memorial above,  was erected by a few of Herbert Campbell's friends.   It stands directly behind Herbert Campbell's final resting place at Abney Park Cemetery.




Over the course of 107 years,  the elegant white marble headstone, hidden in the undergrowth which marks Herbert Cambell's final resting place has naturally suffered with time and the huge impressive pink granite obelisk, erected by his devoted friends, which stands directly behind Herbert's headstone (yes he actually has two memorials),  once stood proud amongst the hundreds of other illustrious memorials at Abney Park Cemetery but with the passing of time, the obelisk had toppled off its plinth and the front section of his memorial had sunk deep into the earth.  


Herbert Campbell's white marble headstone has now been restored.


Brambles and ivy seem determined to conceal Herbert’s memorial but on Saturday 26th November 2011, a small team of true professional stonemason  expertly manoeuvred and positioned a huge winch in the overgrown cemetery and successfully raised Herbert's obelisk off the ground and secured it back onto its original plinth.  The front section was also raised and put back into place and now the great Herbert Campbell’s memorial stands proud again amidst the faded grandeur of Abney Park.  



Our  special thanks go to CLIVE SEARS, DAVE GRACIE, MATTHEW WYLDE, MATTHEW SEARS, everyone at Abney Park JOHN BALDOCK, JOHN PRICE, PAUL WEIGAND, DAVID SOLMAN and extra special thanks go to Herbert Campbell's family. 






In the heart of Streatham Park Cemetery, stands a unique memorial commemorating artistes of the entertainment profession.  


This impressive memorial built of white marble and stone was erected in 1924 by the Variety Artiste Benevolent Fund ( VABF ) and in front, and to the left of the memorial, rest close to 300 stars of the Music Hall and Variety Theatre.    


Here a glittering array of talented actors, singers, comedians, dancers, acrobats, escapologists, animal trainers and even a Victorian royal bell ringer, rest here together.


To name just a few;

TOM COSTELLO the popular comedian and singer of Comrades and At Trinity Church I Met My Doom. Comedian, eccentric dancer and vocialist TOM LEAMORE, who sang many songs including Percy From Pimlico.  The famous minstrel and pantomime star JOHNNY DANVERS.  Comic vocalists ARTHUR ALBERT,  GORDON FINLAY, JOHNNY DWYER and CHARLES BIGNELL.   Dancers NELLIE NAVETTEand LIZZIE COLLINS who formed part of The Sisters Collins with her sisters Marie and Lottie of Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay fame.  Comedienne and female pantomime dame LILY LONG and HETTY TOWERS.  JOSEPH TABRAR the popular Composer who wrote Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow Wow is here. The curtain call goes on and on.


Two years ago we discovered that the memorial stone and burial ground had fallen into a sad and sorry state, so we immediately set up a restoration project and with the help of  volunteers and a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we were able to bring the memorial back to its former glory and have created a new memorial garden with better access.  Permission has also been granted to us to transform the former Variety Chapel into a permanent exhibition and researching all those artistes buried here is not going to be a quick and easy task.  If you would like to be a voluntary researcher, then please do get in touch via the Contact Page on this website.  


We are indebted to Peter Elliott, Head of The Entertainment Artists Benevolent Fund and The Heritage Lottery Fund for allowing us to shine a light on these wonderful artistes, whose contribution to our cultural heritage must never be forgotten.   


We would like to thank the many descendants of those artistes resting at Streatham Park as well as Barbara Ward, the staff at South London Crematorium, Dignity and Sandra Franklin who have all been so supportive towards this project. THANK YOU!

Click on the pictures above for images of this great event.


On Sunday 25th September 2011 we commemorated one of the greatest stars from the golden age of Music Hall, Miss MARIE KENDALL with the erection of a blue plaque at her former home at Okeover Manor, Clapham Common.    


The event was blessed with sunshine and the presence of two of Marie Kendall’s granddaughters, Kim Kendall (sister of the late Kay Kendall) and Fiona Kendall-Lane, both of whom made the day so very, very special.   


Kim Kendall, star of the shows Me And My Girl and Sweetheart Mine, alongside the great Lupino Lane, had travelled from the United States to unveil her grandmother’s plaque with one of Marie’s great granddaughters Lavinia Kendall and we were also pleased to have other members of the Kendall family present. 


In addition, the brilliant Michael Crawford OBE, who is currently starring as The Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium, took time out of his busy schedule to show his support to Marie as well as the fabulous Barbara Windsor, who dedicated her entire Good Old Days slot on the Elaine Paige Radio 2 show to playing Marie’s songs   


Many friends travelled from far and wide to be present at the unveiling, including  the lovely Sarah Lupino Lane,  Stephen Kendall-Lane, Eastender’s actor Michael Leader, actresses Sue Avory, Sally Avory and Jessica Grant, actor/producer Richard Field, Lesley Elson(the great granddaughter of Gaiety Theatre star Edmund Payne), Miss Jayne Blowey, Mr Peter Speechley, Miss Tina King, Miss Geraldine Taylor, Lin and John Carter, Mr John Rattray of The Balham Society and many others.


The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America are very grateful to the residents of Okeover Manor for their terrific support for without them this magical event might never have taken place.

The Great MARIE KENDALL Matthew Neil and Fiona Kendall Lane Kim Kendall and her daughter Lavinia Adrian Barry, Eastenders actor Michael Leader and Matthew Neil Actor Michael Crawford CBE and MHG Founder Adrian Barry Marie Kendall's grandchildren Adrian Barry and Fiona Kendall Lane Sarah Lupino Lane and Fiona Kendall Lane Producer Stephen Kendall Lane Kim Kendall and daughter Lavinia Lesley Elson and Adrian Barry The wonderful folk of Okeover Manor

Click on the pictures above for images of this great event.


Our Beloved Nip

On Tuesday 10th November 2009, exactly fifty years to the day,  we marked the 50th anniversary of the passing of the late great actor, singer, comedian, acrobat, eccentric dancer and author LUPINO LANE with a Memorial service at St Paul's (The Actors Church) in Covent Garden, London and a champagne reception at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.


In recognition of Lupino Lane's enormous contribution to our cultural heritage we arranged for his memorial stone and final resting place at Streatham Park Cemetery to be restored.  

The memorial service included a scripture reading by The Reverend Roger Royle and a eulogy was given by Neil Morkunas, Chairman of The Music Hall Guild.    


A personal and emotional tribute was given by Lupino Lane's granddaughter Sarah Lupino Lane and  great granddaughter Jessie Colquhoun read from Lupino Lane's book, "How To Become A Comedian."  

Patricia Lupino-Thompson, whose initial support to help bring our memorial service and restoration  project together, also read a fitting tribute.  


West end actress Jessica Martin, who played Sally Smith in the London revival of Me and My Girl, brought a tear to the eye with her beautiful rendition of "Once you lose your heart" and there were further tears and heartfelt applause as the voice of Lupino Lane rang throughout the Church.   Singer Olivia Brady sang  a poignant interpretation of the Charlie Chaplin song "Smile"and Jonathan Faint led the congregation in a rousing version of "The Lambeth Walk".  Brilliant pianist Alan Mills provided the perfect accompaniment.    

Guests included Sheila King (Lupino Lane's secretary), Annette Lupino, Janet Lupino, the late Jack Seaton, west end actress Norma Dunbar, Johnny Dennis, the late Dominic Le Foe,  the late Phyllis Childs, Sheila Bernette and members of the British Music Hall Society and The Grand Order of Water Rats.


 The event also brought together  cast members of the London 1980's revival of  Me and My Girl including Anthony Dawes, Lorraine Chase, Jessica Martin, Ursula Smith, David Streames, Audrey Leybourne, David Alder, Rob Rawles and award winning choreographer Gillian Gregory.


Sarah Lupino Lane and her daughters with Adrian Barry, Director of The  Music Hall Guild at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Actress and Patron Miss Jessica Martin. A reunion of cast members of Me And My Girl at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.   L - R - David Alder, Rob Rawles, Gillian Gregory, Anthony Dawes. Jessica Martin, Lorraine Chase and David Streames. Adrian Barry with the late Jack Seaton. Matthew Neil, Annette Lupino, Sarah Lupino, Patricia Lupino, Adrian Barry, Tony Dawes, Lorraine Chase & David Alder. Sarah Lupino Lane and Nip Matthew Neil & Lorraine Chase Annette Lupino & Adrian Barry Adrian Barry & Norma Dunbar Sarah Lupino, Sheila Bernette, Adrian Barry, Patricia Lupino Thompson Singers Olivia Brady & Jonathan Faint Lupino Lane's memorial restored

Click on the pictures above for images of this great event.