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At the very heart of our theatre heritage charity lies Remembrance.  


Remembering a life, a theatrical career, an event, a place or just a moment in time, helps us to keep our theatre heritage alive.


We believe that every grave is a sacred space.   If marked with a memorial or left unmarked for whatever reason, a grave acts as a tangible connection between the past and the present.  It reminds us

of a life once lived.  To us, it's precious! 


We believe that access to a grave, whether private or public,  should always be available for anyone wanting to pay their respects. 

We believe it is disrespectful to re-use a grave without the consent of existing descendants and disrespectful to put a 'lease' upon a grave.

A memorial is a physical testament and is expected to stand the test of time, but when a memorial falls into disrepair, it is only natural for us to want to restore it, out of respect for the artiste and their contribution to

our collective cultural heritage.


The Guild is privileged to be the custodians of hundreds of theatrical graves throughout the UK.  We care, protect and preserve these graves and when funding is available, we mark graves that have no memorial.



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